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Our ecosystem and partner agencies help you to build and prepare models for 3D and Augmented Reality product visualizations at a high scale. No matter if you start from scratch or already have CAD files. 

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Whether you have CADs or want us to build models from scratch: Your models are ready in a few days.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a view and when is it counted?

A view is described as a view on a single product. This view is counted when the VRxs 3D viewer is activated. By default, this is done by a click of the website visitor. If you have selected the “autoplay” option for the 3D viewer, a view is counted when the page and the 3D viewer are loaded. If your website visitors select the augmented reality option “Place in your room” within the 3D viewer, no further view will be counted.

You can view the current status of your views under “Settings”. Once you reach 80% of the views included in your plan, we will send you a notification. This notification will be repeated at 90%. If you used 100% of the views in a month, you will receive another notification. You have the possibility to adjust your plan at any time. If you do not respond to the notifications, the embeddings will be automatically deactivated 3 days after exceeding the 100% limit. 

Augmented reality is the blending of the virtual and real worlds. In the eCommerce context, we use it to describe the virtual placement of a product in a real environment with the help of a smartphone. Augmented reality makes it possible, for example, to place your coffee machine in the kitchen or to view a couch in the living room without a product having been sent. 

With VRxs 3D and AR platform for eCommerce you can present the product to your site visitors in 3D. This allows visitors to view all aspects and USPs of the product on desktop and mobile. The 3D viewer allows rotating the product, simulating functions and describing individual features. On the smartphone, viewers can also place the product in their environment with Augmented Reality (AR). 

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