VRxs.io becomes Augmenteers.com

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On our journey to revolutionize product visualizations in eCommerce, we started 2019 in an old office from the 70s. We quickly came up with a name, quickly designed a logo, and focused on building the best platform possible. We have not given much thought to branding. 

Now, three years later, we´re happy that all the quick shots are history and we finally announce not only a new name but also logo and more detailled design guidelines. 

VRxs.io becomes Augmenteers.com

Augmenteers logo

The vision stays the same

Despite the rebranding, everything stays the same: We still work hard for you to offer the easiest way to integrate 3D and Augmented Reality product visualizations, streamline real-time content creation and make the web 3D.  

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