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After three years of VRxs, we’re excited and proud to present our biggest update in the company’s history. We listened to your needs and wishes and integrated them into our new optimized platform. Using the tools of our platform to create 3D and Augmented Reality product representation became easier and faster. Also, the usability is now better than ever before and the update contains many new features. Below you will find some of our favorites:


1. Restrict rotation

The first new feature we would like to present is the possibility to restrict vertical and horizontal rotation. Define how far customers can rotate the 3D model. For the horizontal rotation, we created the Infinite button. It allows turning the object endlessly. However, if this is not desired, set the rotation in the range from -180° to +180°. Similarly, the vertical rotation can be defined from the span of 0° to 180°. 

2. Presets for material setting

The second feature is one of the most exciting ones in this update. We added the option to build presets for material settings. Users may create several material settings for one specific part of the object. Presets allow them to combine these material settings to create different versions of the product. 

example VRxs editor: presets for material setting

3. Individual Augmented Reality for presets

Moreover those variations can now all be presented with Augmented Reality. Before the update this was possible only for one version of the model. Saved presets will be available in Augmented Reality when the model is uploaded.

example individual AR for presets

4. Save previews

Via “Settings” > “Viewer starting position” > “Camera” the object can be moved as desired and saved by pressing the blue-colored button “Set start position“. This has two functions: Firstly, now the object will come back to this exact position with just one click on the camera icon “save previews” in the left upper corner of the window. Secondly, this position will also be the one in which the object will be loaded and first presented to costumers.  

Further new feature are the automatic centering of the model and camera position on the first load, as well as the possibility to add a video to the annotation. For those of you interested in all improvements, updates and fixes, is the full list below.


As stated above, we improved the usability to ensure a smooth workflow. All functions are now clearly presented and easily accusable. We added descriptions and tips to help achieve the optimal result. In the following, some of the optimizations will be described more detailed. 

1. Product Identifier

For a better overview you can now add a Product Identifier (IAN, EAN, …) in addition to the name of the product: 

example VRxs editor: product identifier

2. Usability Lighting

We offer a selection of light types and the possibility to manually adjusted where the light source is located. As shown in the Video all options are listed on the left.  Thanks to the update the lightning will be set easily in seconds. 

Another way of lighting is to add an environment with drag and drop: 

3. Usability Material Setting

We also facilitated the material setting process. After choosing on which part of the object will be worked on, the different material settings can be created by layering textures. If a setting was saved it can always be edited or new ones can be added. 

4. Annotation and Animation

Annotations can be added with a simple double-tap. They can be moved via drag and drop to the perfect spot and integrate an image, video or inframe. This way all important aspects of the products can be described to the customer in a nicely visualized presentation.

The same simple way works for animations. Place the button where you like it and choose the animation as well as the mode (single, repeat, forward and reverse).  

5. Search option

The last optimization we would like to present is the search option which can be found in every section. It allows a faster process, by replacing time-consuming scrolling. The desired light, material setting or preset can easily be found, by typing in the name next to the magnifier icon.  

Together with all our customers, we are looking forward to profiting from the benefits of our new update. If you haven´t yet integrated 3D and AR into your store or if you are still looking for the most convenient method we would like to support you with our expertise.

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Full list


  • Restrict vertical and horizontal rotation 
  • Build Presets for material settings   
  • Individual Augmented Reality for presets 
  • Save previews 
  • Set start position of viewer 
  • Automatic centering of model and camera position on first load 
  • Adjust texture wrapping properties 
  • Set color of color and emissive map by value 
  • Customize display names for settings (lights, materials, material settings, presets)   
  • Annotation VideoInput (.mp4) 


  • Usability and Design overall  
  • Add Product Identifier (IAN, EAN, …) to product characteristics 
  • Product positioning: Center position button 
  • Manage multiple background
  • Usability Lighting 
  • Usability Material Settings  
  • Usability Annotations including text formatting 
  • Usability Animations
  • Manage multiple environments and HDRIs  
  • Input fields for precise positioning (model, lights, start position of viewer)
  • Addition of several help texts for better understanding 
  • Search option (lights, material settings, presets, annotations, animations, AR settings, uploaded images in management interface)