AR for Furniture Stores – The Ultimate Sales Boosting Strategies

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For years, the furniture industry has been one of the slowest product categories to gain traction over the internet. After all, it is challenging for customers to determine whether a furniture item will match their décor or fit in their space just by viewing it online. In fact, the customer becomes more hesitant to buy it online if it’s a large item or has a hefty price tag. 

With this, the need for a technology that can help more shoppers purchase furniture online becomes even more evident. 

Here are some ideas how AR for Furniture Stores will help boost sales.  

AR for Furniture Stores: How Does it Work?

AR allows furniture companies to offer a try-before-you-buy shopping experience with realistic product visualizations.  

Customers can point their devices to any space in their home or workplace and pick the product they want to place there. The AR furniture app superimposes an accurate 3D version of the product into their real-life environment. They can modify its colors and designs or move it around to determine fit, style, and dimensions. 

armchair placed in room with AR
Source: Techcrunch

How AR for Furniture Stores Helps Boosts Sales

Do you know, over 2 million users have used Houzz’s “View in My Room” AR furniture app feature since its launch? Reportedly, these users are 11 times more likely to buy than those who do not.  

On the other hand, IKEA’s AR furniture app ‘Place is officially the second most popular app built on Apple’s ARkit based on downloads and in-app sales (which made up 16% of overall sales in 2020, up from 10% in 2019). 

According to a survey, furniture is the top product category American people want to shop with AR (60%).

bar chart showing product types for which U:S: internet users want to shop unsing AR
Source: Centricdigital

Here’s how AR can help furniture brands and retailers:

1. Improves Customer Confidence

By allowing customers to place and visualize products in their own space, brands are essentially taking the guesswork out of virtual furniture shopping. With the help of AR, you can answer key customer queries regarding size, color, and more. As customers become more informed and assured, they are more likely to purchase your product. 

2. Displays More Products

In a physical store, you can display only a fixed number of furnitur items due to limited space. However, with AR, you can display digital 3D models for all the items that you offer. This allows the shopper to see more variety of products before purchasing anything. 

3. Boosts Reach

AR empowers furniture brands to reach customers who were earlier inaccessible –people who would not visit your shop due to the distance. Now you can market your products to people who can’t drop by, but can still place an order for home delivery.  

4. Significantly Decreases Returns

AAfurniture app converts a consumer’s home into a virtual showroom. They can be completely sure of the product style and dimension before buying it. This certainty level results in a decreased return rate as consumers choose what they want the first time around.  

5. Attracts More Customers

AR shopping attracts more customers to the brand and creates a buzz that conventional shopping just doesn’t. It also helps furniture companies stand out from competitors that are still using the same old ways to sell their items online.

Examples of 3D and AR for Furniture Stores

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Bottom-Line of AR for Furniture Stores.

Undoubtedly, AR is proving to be a great tool for the online furniture industry, and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. This disruptive technology has extensive potential, which is why more and more brands are adopting it to grab attention and expand online.