Augmented Reality for your eCommerce Business

Easy-to-access Augmented Reality that seamlessly integrates into your customer journey and increases your sales.

eCommerce in new dimensions

The virtual product presentation merges with the real environment to create a new type of customer experience. This reduces the level of abstraction – and increases the willingness to buy.

Use AR for customer retention

Customers engage longer with interactive products in 3D and augmented reality (+24.5% session durations). 55% find online shopping with AR more interesting and fulfilling.

Add value for your customers

61% of customers prefer online stores with augmented reality functions. 40% are even willing to pay more for a product if they can view it in AR.

Augmented Reality and 3D will improve your KPIs

Do you love data-driven results? So do we. That is why you can track your most important KPIs with our solution.
With 3D and augmented reality, you will benefit on average from:


more conversions


less returns


longer sessions


more interactions

Browser-based shopping on both iOS and Android

Our AR product displays work device-independently on all modern smartphones without an app directly via the browser. As a result, they offer a seamless customer experience without technical barriers.

Integrates into your shopping system​

Easy to implement 3D viewer for all popular eCommerce systems like Shopify, Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, Commercetools, SAP Commerce Cloud, and many more.

Illustration for secure delivery of 3D visualizations

Secure distribution of your visualization

Get started today with Augmented Reality and 3D visualizations

Get started within minutes and enable your site visitors to view interactive product visualizations with the Augmenteers platform.


Sign Up for free

Sign up for free on our platform. Try Augmented Reality and 3D visualizations in your store today.


Upload models

Upload innumerable models in seconds and customize the visualizations with our no-code editor.


Integrate 3D visualizations

Integrate AR and 3D and benefit from interactive experiences. And most importantly, keep track of your success on your dashboard.

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Die Augmented Reality Funktion steht auf Geräten Verfügung mit: 

  • iPhone 6S+ und iPad 5+ mit iOS 12+
  • Android 8.0+ mit ARCore 1.9
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