Let your customers personalize the products in real-time 3D

Let your customers personalize the products in real-time 3D

3D product configurators enable customers to make a product “their” product. This personalization will increase your sales.

Offer personalized buying experiences

Let your customers decide which color combination they prefer, which shape or which variant they like. The possibilities of variations are endless.

Increase conversion and reduce returns

Customers who use a 3D product configurator have a significantly higher willingness to buy. Personalized products also have a significantly lower return rate.

Enhance the customer experience of your site visitors

Actively involve your customers in the product design and create an individual connection to the product. 

Augmented Reality and 3D will improve your KPIs

Do you love data-driven results? So do we. That is why you can track your most important KPIs with our solution.
With 3D and augmented reality, you will benefit on average from:


more conversions


less returns


longer sessions


more interactions

Personalized product experiences

Endless possibilities

With our 3D product configurators, every element is configurable.


Colors and materials

Combinations and presets




Illustration for secure delivery of 3D visualizations

Secure distribution of your visualization

Get started today

with our API

Let our API create your own configuration for you. This allows you to have full control over the user interface (UI/UX) and implementation.

Best suited for extensive configurations with available IT resources

with our partner agencies

Our partner agencies will help you to build the program structure, design the interface and implement the product configurator into your system according to your needs.

Best suited for large-scale configurations without existing IT resources.

with our standard-Viewer

The 3D Viewer offers you configurable options with presets and a standardized user interface that allows small customization to your corporate identity.

Best suited for a smaller number of variations.

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