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Augmented Reality and 3D will improve your most important KPIs

Do you love data-driven results? We do, too. That’s why we keep track of our customers’ most important KPIs. 
With 3D and Augmented Reality, our customers benefit on average from:


more conversions


less returns


longer sessions


more interactions

3D Commerce Viewer

With the 3D Viewer, you can integrate innovative product displays into your customer journey and set yourself apart from the competition.  

Beispiel eines 3D Viewer auf in einer Galerie im Onlineshop

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality, site visitors can place your products in their environment. Directly from the browser or your app.

3D Product Configurators

Address individual customer needs and provide a personalized shopping experience with a 3D product configurator.

3D Produktkonfigurator eines Regals mit Augmented Reality Funktion

Collaborate with your team for even faster results

Augmenteers enables your team to collaborate on the platform to deliver visualizations even faster. Manage, analyze, and edit visualizations using role-based permissions.  

Screenshot der 3D Plattform mit unterschiedlichen Teammitgliedern

Integrates with your shopping system

Easy to implement 3D viewer for all popular eCommerce systems like Shopify, Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, Commercetools, SAP Commerce Cloud, and many more.

Build better relationships with your customers with the most powerful analytics.

With our intelligent viewer analytics, you can see what your customers are into. This enables you to see how 3D and Augmented Reality affects your customers choices in detail. 

Traffic analytics


Session durations

...and many more

... ... ...

"Augmenteers enables us to create and implement 3D product presentations across different assortments in a fast and easy way.”

Profilfoto Henning Stemper von Tchibo
Dr. Henning Stemper, Strategic Project Manager @ Tchibo

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You have a business to run. Stop worring about content creation. Our ecosystem and partner agencies help to build and prepare models for interactive product visualizations at a high scale.

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